Rhett Randolph, Drummer of Emilia Ali goes into details of his hybrid drum setup and backing track rig!


Though Rhett claims " I don't go into extreme detail on everything in my setup" he actually does an amazing job of explaining all of his gear in this video and how it all works together! This one is highly educational. 

If you were ever wondering how to combine backing tracks, with acoustic drums, with external triggers, with a Roland SPD, with your own personal in ear mix, this video lays it all out perfectly. 

With a Macbook, a small mixer, audio interface, and a small footprint kit, Rhett has created one amazingly cool and versatile setup! Check out his awesome YouTube channel here!

Rhett has performed at Lollapalooza, Bumbershoot Festival, and worked with artists such as Jagwar Twin and Avril Lavigne!


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