Friday, April 16, 2021

How I live streamed a full show with multi-cam, e-drums, Ableton Live, and EZDrummer2!


See the full live show at This is a behind the scenes look at how I configured last Friday's live show on YouTube and Twitch. Some of the things mentioned in the video: Behringer UMC404HD (4 channel audio interface), Behringer XENYX (for headphone mix), Ableton Live 11, EZDrummer 2, Another audio interface for streaming computer, Referbished Macbook Pro (for audio) Dell Gaming Laptop (for streaming), Dragontouch Action Cam (can work as webcam), Party Disco light, LED Strip Lights, OBS, Advanced Scene Switcher for OBS, If you want to stream to multiple platforms at once (YouTube and Twitch together) you can use

The Paiste PST7 Light Hi Hats are the budget Giant Beat Hi Hats! PROOF!

I had been eyeing the PST7 Light Hats for some time now, and finally picked up a pair about a week ago. I have always loved the light and hi...