Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Hi there, welcome to my new website! You might know me from YouTube and my moniker Demonic Sweaters. The reason why I'm making this page is to profile drummers who are doing things a little bit differently. We are the drummers that like using triggers, electronic drums, weird miking techniques, DIY recording setups. In the future I hope to provide interviews, drum setup details, and other unique content to help inspire and create!

In case you don't know who I am, as I stated before I am the YouTuber/Musician Demonic Sweaters. I've been a home recording artist since the late 1990s when I got my first 4 track cassette recorder. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, but mostly love the drums. I play or played drums in the bands Lincoln, Kukim, FRAME, Hums, Echoscape, and many many others. I'm a drum instructor, and a music producer. I release music under the names Demonic Sweaters and Manasota.

I've always had a strong DIY attitude about my music. In the 90s I would use minimal microphones with my 4 track to record my drums and other instruments. The results were fun, and sometimes decent but things really changed in the 2000s when technology started to level the playing field for the home recordist. Ever since I got my first computer, I realized there was no reason to really pay someone else to do what I could do myself. Microphones started getting cheaper, computers got better, and I found myself becoming obsessed with making music at home. 

In 2015 I turned my attention to YouTube. I found it to be the best way to connect with people and the greatest outlet for my creative expression. In addition to that I found it to be a great way to share and gain knowledge. I started gaining a fan base because of my tutorials, which have racked up millions of views at this point. This has also helped my music. Since naturally if so many people are listening to you talk, some of them want to hear the music you make as well!

More recently I got into the world of electronic drums, and more recently HYBRID DRUMMING! Which you can tell by the all caps how excited I am about this, haha. The video below I'm using my hybrid setup of Tama club-JAM Mini with ddrum triggers and a Roland TD-6 module. 

Anyway, I hope to make this a really fun, interesting and educational blog, and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for stopping by!

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