Friday, February 20, 2015

Roland TR-505 sounds, twisted, looped, and sounding insanely awesome!



Loopmasters has released an amazing pack of TR-505 loops and one shots that sound pretty damn awesome. I actually think I might get this pack for myself. The TR-505 was a really smooth sounding machine and has held up really well for today’s music. If you check out their demo loops, many of them have a great 80s, tropical vibe to them.

If you’ve never heard of Loopmasters, they’re a company that produces tons of amazing sounding high quality loops to use in the software or hardware of your choice. I found out about them from using Energy XT, since they created the loops that come with it. I was blown away by their quality. Many different formats are supported, and they often have several different pricing options per loop pack. You can hear great demos on their site before you buy too.


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